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The Atlas of UK (United Kingdom) Marine Renewable Energy Resources stands as an example of an interactive data-management system, delivered across a range of GIS enabled formats: hard-copy maps, desktop application, and Web application. The range of delivery platforms has enabled the Renewables Atlas to become a highly regarded data resource outlining the potential opportunities within the UK marine renewable energy sector (tide, wind, and wave) for stakeholders and developers alike. The atlas now represents the most detailed regional description of potential marine energy resources in UK waters ever completed at a national scale, and is being used to help guide policy and planning decisions for future site leasing rounds. Crown copyright. This project was commissioned by the Department of Energy and Climate Change. ABP Marine Environmental Research Ltd. Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom By Chris Jackson, David Petrey, Colin Bell, and Andy Saulter Contact Chris Jackson Software ArcGIS Desktop 9.2 Data Sources Met Office and Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory Atlas of UK Marine Renewable Energy Resources Natural Resources—Mining and Earth Science 65