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Houston-Galveston Area Council Houston, Texas, USA By William Bass, GISP Contact William Bass Software ArcGIS Desktop 9.2, SAS 9.1 Printer HP Designjet 1055 cm Over five million people live in the Houston-Galveston region today, and the population is projected to grow to over 8.8 million by 2035. A region of this size is continually evolving and developing to support the growing population. The Houston-Galveston region also contains over 4,500 square miles of floodplains. The intersection of people and floodplains produces a mixture of environmental and socioeconomic risks for the region. The analysis for this project was performed as part of a regional global climate change and flood hazards initiative. The analytical methods involved a combination of ArcGIS spatial analysis tools as well as analytical and data manipulation methods in SAS. The integration of ArcGIS and SAS allowed for a large amount of data to be gathered and processed. This map was one in a series that represented the culmination of the project’s efforts. Copyright William M. Bass, Houston-Galveston Area Council, 2008. Data Sources Houston-Galveston Area Council, Texas Natural Resources Information System, U.S. Census, Federal Emergency Management Agency 42 Government—Public Safety 13-County Houston-Galveston Region: Population Inside the 100 Year Floodplain (2035)