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Platts (McGraw-Hill) Denver, Colorado, USA By Erin LeFevre and Claude Frank Contact Erin LeFevre Software ArcGIS Desktop, Adobe Illustrator Printer HP Designjet 5000 ps Data Source Platts POWERmap 112 Utilities—Electric and Gas In less than thirty years, wind has progressed from a relatively obscure power source into an exciting, rapidly growing power industry. New methods of predicting suitable locations for wind infrastructure have become exceptionally accurate, making wind power more economical, reliable, and scalable. By presenting current wind generation, transmission options, and new wind generation siting opportunities, Platts’ clients use the Wind Resources of the Western United States wall map to obtain insight into the present and future of wind power in the western United States. Platts, a division of the McGraw-Hill Companies, is a leading global provider of energy and metals information. Platts serves customers across the oil, natural gas, electricity, nuclear power, coal, petrochemical, and metals markets of more than 150 countries. Platts’ geospatial data, map products, news, pricing, analytical services, and conferences help markets operate with transparency and efficiency. Copyright Platts, a division of the McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., 2008. All rights reserved. Wind Resources of the Western United States, 2007–2008 Edition