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Back to the Future Maricopa Association of Governments Phoenix, Arizona, USA By Anubhav Bagley, Mark Roberts, Amanda Tovey, Rita Walton, and Harry Wolfe Contact Anubhav Bagley Software ArcGIS Desktop 9.1, ArcGIS Spatial Analyst Printer HP Designjet 5000 Data Sources Maricopa Association of Governments 84 Sustainable Development and Human Affairs The Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) is a council of governments that serves as the regional agency for metropolitan Phoenix. The MAG Region is Maricopa County and its contiguous urbanized areas. It consists of 25 cities and towns, three Indian Communities and unin- corporated Maricopa County areas. This mapping proj- ect outlines the growth of the MAG Region from statehood in 1912 to present. In addition, the project depicts the pro- jected growth patterns of population, employment, and urban concentrations through the year 2030. It focuses on the “urban edge,” which is defined as the furthest spatial edge of the predominantly developed portion of the MAG Region. It was created by assigning a value of 100 to developed areas and a value of 0 to undeveloped areas. Using ArcGIS Spatial Analyst, the data was averaged and any area equal to or greater than 50 percent devel- oped was considered urban. The creation of the maps has allowed the MAG to see how different types of anal- yses can outline the future of the MAG Region’s growth and development. Courtesy of Maricopa Association of Governments, 2007.