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Hurricanes on the U.S. Gulf Coast City of Austin Major Hurricane Tracks (1850–2005) Austin, Texas, USA By Cara Cooke Contact Cara Cooke Software ArcGIS Desktop 9.1 Printer HP Designjet 4500mfp Data Sources ESRI, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration In studying tropical storm data from 1850 to 2005, pat- terns can be seen in hurricane movements and an increase can be seen in storm activity. Some portions of the Gulf of Mexico’s coastal region appear to be more prone to hurri- canes, such as New Orleans and its surrounding communi- ties. In 2005, tropical storm activity surpassed the previous worst year on record, 1933. US Areas Assessed for Hurricane Strikes within the Gulf of Mexico Coast Only in the past 25 years has collected and complete data been useful for detailed analysis. Before the 1940s and radar technology, storm data collection was depen- dent on human spotters and reports. In the 1980s, the development of complex radars and satellites allowed for better storm and hurricane tracking results. The use of GIS technology helps plot hurricane and storm data so that a timeline can be made to see if any noticeable patterns can be identified. Courtesy of Cara Cooke. Government—Public Safety 47