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Impacts of Sea Level Rise on Southern Florida In this academic exercise, Southern Florida was used in a scenario that would provide visuals exhibiting the effects of sea level rise due to global warming on human and animal populations along its coastline. Geology, location, ecosystems, census information, buildings, and infrastruc- ture were researched to make accurate assumptions on this scenario. To simulate sea level rises, the inundation of southern Florida’s coastlines and Broward County were modeled in ArcScene using a USGS seamless DEM with a vertical exaggeration of 100 to bring out the visual effect. A flat, blue, semitransparent layer was added and given base height offsets of two and four that illustrate the large amount of land that would be submerged with a sea level rise of two and four meters. Additionally, using the same technique, models of the Broward County area were cre- ated with additional population and infrastructure informa- tion to demonstrate the damaging effects that sea level rise would have on the area. Courtesy of the Center for Geographic Information System Research, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. California State Polytechnic University, Pomona Pomona, California, USA By Kimberly Craig, Kimberly Forkner, Kimberly Poste, and Lin Wu (Project Advisor) Contact Lin Wu Software ArcGIS Desktop 9.1, ArcScene Printer HP Designjet 1055cm Plus Data Sources ESRI, South Florida Information Access, Federal Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Geological Survey, TerraServer Eastern Broward County Modern Sea Level Southern Florida Modern Sea Level Eastern Broward County 2-meter Sea Level Rise Southern Florida 2-meter Sea Level Rise Eastern Broward County 4-meter Sea Level Rise Southern Florida 4-meter Sea Level Rise Environmental Management 29